:o I just made something amazing in Gimp O_O

So, I was bored sitting at the computer and decided to fuck around in gimp not expecting to make anything all that good, what I came up with is:

Black Red sun thing by ~pronto185 on deviantART

Here’s how I kinda did it:

1) open gimp and a fresh can of Mt. Dew…mmmmm(or what ever…)
2) Make a black BG with  color brush strokes (i used red,…if you couldn’t tell O_o)



3) Then use the smudge tool thingy and smudge that fucker till no tomorrow(maybe adding more, and larger brush strokes):


something like that or so

3)  Create a new layer >:O  (layer fill type: trans)
4) add a super nova thingy   (Filters> Line and Shadow > Super nova
I used 1024 spokes and red, use what ever you want . i also smudged the BG more to make it a bit darker in places

step three

this ^_^

5) Add a new layer and full with a grain pattern, i used the pattern from here, http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Film_Grain/
set that layer Mode to “Grain merge”


5) Then play with the Filters >Artistic > Cubism :s

cubes :o

6) Then play around with: Filters > Distorts > iwarp
and then maybe do the Cubism again?  play with it till you like ^_^


this :S

7) then do Filters > Noise > Pick   , with Random seed,  randomization at  100% and repeat at 100%



yeah, something like that   ^_^


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