Simple bash system monitor script

Uses nvclock (for nvidia gpu’s) and sensors
and chances are you’re gonna have to edit it some to get it to work :p

heh=(`sensors|egrep "fan[1-3]|temp"|awk '{print $1$2}'&&
nvclock -i|egrep 'temp|RPM|PWM'|sed 's/PWM duty cycle://g; s/Fanspeed/Speed/g; s/ temperature//g; s/RPM\n/RPM/g'|sed ':q;N;s/RPM\n/RPM/g;t q'|sed 's/ /:/g'`)
for i in {0..8}
	out[$i]=`echo ${heh[$i]}|sed 's/:/: /g'`
echo -e "${out[0]}\t| ${out[3]}\t|${out[6]}\n${out[1]}\t| ${out[4]}\t|${out[7]}\n${out[2]}\t| ${out[5]}\t|${out[8]}"
unset heh out


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