slight update on bike crash

In case you didn’t hear, I proved that pavement is in fact harder then human skulls when you wham into it from a bicycle, you can read about it here

So in this crash I cut myself up: hand, elbow, forehead, nose, shoulder

the cuts on my hand I couldn’t stop picking at the scabs so I put band aids on them

Heres the hand with out any band aids, i took on April 10
on a side note, its probably a good thing my career isn’t a hand model

ouchies x.x

So for what ever reason we only had these really really cheap old band-aids that wouldn’t stick at all, so I reinforced them :D
(yes their are band-aids under the duct-tape, I didn’t put tape right over the cuts)

duck tape is awesome! :D

Anyways, just to let people know: I am doing rather well,  haven’t had to take a pain killer since Sunday, thats always good

Also apparently I have an “acute” ear/sinus infection and the pill they gave me for that is massive O_O

massive pill O_O

as of now the most annoying part is that  I can’t really lay down flat, for when I do there is this pressure a few hours later, so i have to sleep kinda sitting up at around a 30 degree angle :<   …oh well

and this whole thing where I can barely hear out of my left ear is extremely annoying, but I can tell it’s slightly and very slowly returning

And thanks to everyone’s kind words and such, I really appreciate it :)

oh yeah! some really awesome news, I’ve posted about my bike crash on a few different forum/websites, and at least 20 people now have confirmed they will be using a helmet while riding a bicycle, so my injuries may save someones life or at least save someone from going though what I did :D

EDIT: Thanks to grigri from for reminding me about this Wulffmorgenthaler comic post

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