So I made one of my awesome milk-shake type drinks

So over the years one of my friends and I would toss random crap in a blender to see if it would taste good So here’s the crap I put in it, and trust me, it’s awesome ^.^

The Stuff! :D

And everyone I show this to is like: EWW CINNAMON!?!!? EWW ROOT-BEER + CHOCOLATE?!!? WTF ARE YOU THINKING D: And sow we’re clear, I only used about 1/5 that can of root beer(first time i tried root beer in the mix), …but I did use a whole load of cinnamon(I do that everytime) So here is the stuff in the blender, pre-blend era|

This blender.... yeah....

The funny thing about this blender: If you don’t hold it down it’ll move itself off the counter in an attempt to comment suicide, it’s extremely loud and shakes like an addict of some sorts without a fix and it only leaks a little bit, but it does blend decently so I find no reason to buy a new one, plus its a glass container which is epic :p

top view!

(I added more cinnamon after this shot)



An old blender calls for an old style glass!

Trust me, its amazing

  1. you need a hobby

  2. EPIC pronto, I want one!!! o.O

  3. This rocket style waring blender has style, as well as, a streamlined blending two level solution: on and off. It is six sigma compliant and will outlast and outperform any of those younger blenders who may tempt you with their multitude of blending positions.

    • Except the blender does leak a little bit, so the newer ones tempt me with their non-leaking capabilities

  4. haha, your dad is epic. xD

    keep the blender, it is awesome. o.o

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