arch linux headphone issue [fixed] :D

So for what ever reason on my desktop with arch linux  I had this rather odd error with headphones:

IF: headphones plugged before I turn computer on

Then: everything works as it should

IF: headphones NOT plugged in during boot, and plugged in after computer is on

Then: sound will only come out of the right headphone speaker

This confused me for quite a while, and anytime I asked about it on irc (#archlinux  and a few other places) people always just said my headphones were broken and wouldn’t listen to me >.< (bastards)

So today I decided to play around with things to see if I could find a fix or a work around

What I found was this:

# modprobe snd_pcm_oss
then start and stop something that has sound (mp3 file for example)
# rmmod snd_pcm_oss

That seems to fix it right up,    i remove the kernel module because with that on only one thing will be able to play sound at once(like youtube and mplayer will fight)  with it off everything will play at once :)

oh, and I use alsa on 64 bit arch linux

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