So on my desktop I stick with using firefox4 (netbook=chromium)

I’ve been using the 4betaX of firefox for quite some time now, and for it’s been damn stable (still a fucking memory hog, but meh)
on my main desktop with a quadcore+4GB ram

I have to say, I love the tab grouping of firefox4beta8


Firefox4beta8 (click for full size)

At first I thought I was going to hate that feature, but I’ve actually been using it

though, the thing is a fucking memory hog >.<



See, thats a lot of of memory o_o   firefox is using about 23% of my ram, (using 942MB of my 4GB)
if I used a lot of memory normally this would bother me, but in total I’m only using 1.5GB of my 4GB so I’m not too worried..

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