ssh, socks5 proxy, and windows

I have this VPS that has an ipv6 address (yay! I’m so awesome…)
Sadly my ISP does not yet provide ipv6 (evil FiOS, but that’s a rant on it’s own), so while using linux I’m able to do simple socks5 proxy to be able to use the ipv6 awesomness, eg:

$ ssh -D 50502

firefox proxy config

Yay, I’m now browsing the web via the socks5 proxy, and when I go to I get a lovely 10/10 and I see my VPS’s ipv6 address

When I try to do this on putty via windows7 ipv6 does NOT work *sadface*

Windows7, firefox, putty, socks5, no ipv6! :(

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