Raspberry Pi GnuPlot Temperature

So, I have a raspberry Pi, and I wanted to chart it’s CPU temp

Ex: temp log hosted on RPI itself   | backup if the the RPI is down

To do this I needed to do a few things:

  1. Log the CPU temp (I’m doing every 5 minutes)
  2. Prepare the data
  3. Chart
  4. Show it to the world

1) Log data via 5 minute cron:

$ cat templog.sh 
temp=` cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp| awk -v FS=" " '{print $1/1000""}'` 
echo "$temp | `date` ">>~/temp.log

Then a cronjob as normal user

*/5 * * * * bash ~/templog.sh

now a gnuplot script (plot.pg)

set nokey
plot "/home/pi/temp500" u 0:1
f(x) = mean_y
fit f(x) '/home/pi/temp500'  u 0:1 via mean_y
set label 1 gprintf("Min = %g", min_y) at 52, 21 tc rgb "#00FFFF"
set label 2 gprintf("Max = %g", max_y) at 0, 21  tc rgb "#FF0000"
set label 3 gprintf("Mean = %g", mean_y) at 102, 21 tc lt 2
set terminal png size 1400,400
set style data linespoints
set yrange [20:MAX+(MAX*.1)]
set grid
set style line 1 lt 1 lw 3 pt 3 linecolor rgb "blue"
set object 1 rectangle from graph 0,0 to graph 1,1 behind fc rgbcolor "#10000f" lw 0
set pointsize .5
plot  \
"/home/pi/temp500" using 0:1 title "cpu temp" pt 5 ps .5  lc rgb "#FF0000" , \
min_y with filledcurves y1=min_y lt 1 lw 2 lc rgb "#00FFFF"  , \
max_y with filledcurves y1=max_y lt 2 lw 2 lc rgb "#FF0000", \
mean_y with filledcurves y1=mean_y lt 3 lw 2 lc 2,\
 "/home/pi/temp500" using 0:1 title "cpu temp" pt 5 ps .10  lc rgb "#0FfFFF"

now a script to run it all: (plot.sh)

cat /home/pi/temp.log|tail -n 500 > /home/pi/temp500A
sed '/-/d'  /home/pi/temp500A  > /home/pi/temp500
chown pi:pi /home/pi * 
/root/plot.pg > /var/www/temp.png
  1. Very nice. I’m in the process of using a Rasberry Pi to monitor a smoker: External temp, Pit temp, and food temp. I’ve looked around, and using GNUplot seems to be a quick amd easy wasy to go. But where are the sample plots?

  2. Why do i get permission denied??
    plot.sh: line 5: /home/pi/plot.pg: Permission denied

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