SSH ranking update!

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Now for “wtf is all this?!”

Intro bit:
On linux boxes theres a file called /var/log/auth.log where all login attempts to the system are logged, and other things.
If you’ve ever run a linux box on the web with port 22 open you’ll know that it gets hit, and hit hard (especially so if your IP is in a well known ‘server range’
Now most sane people will either just use fail2ban(or something similar) or change the ssh port.
But craycray people like myself like it when auth.log* gets filled up with these attempts for a fun dataset!
About the project:
This project mainly started as something to do using python, sql-alchemy, flask/jinja2 and other things.
What it does is parse though auth.log getting very failed login attempt and tosses it into a database.
then the web-part will query the DB and display interesting things, e.g:  which IP’s have tried the user name ‘r00t’
Remember this project is still in the early phases, and could be unstable. I wouldn’t run this on production boxes. If you want to see data from production boxes, I recommend moving the auth.logs off to some test-server and telling the to parse those
Whats next?:
Going to start doing more digging into the top offenders. Doing port scans, keeping an rdns history for changes, grab the whois data to compare with other offenders.
Also thinking about logging the passwords for failed attempts, Eric Gragsone had an interesting idea on how to do that with pam

‘This is neat, i want this’ and ‘how can i help?’

Get it running?

The readme on github should help you get started. note: it was tested on debain7.2 so if you use something else, you might have to do things different
i have gotten it working on python 2.7 and 2.6.6

How I help?

All the code is on github, feel free to fork/etc… and if I like your changes, I’ll merge it into the main one.
If you don’t know how to use github, I high recommend learning how to use it you can find a lot of links here to figure it out :)

Talk to ….me?!

Best way is via: irc(pronto on: efnet,freenode,snoonet,and other nets…) email:, or google chat/hangouts

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