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Replace the harddrive in Asus eee pc 1201PN

so I got the Asus eee pc 1201pn net book, and also a solid state drive from newegg

you have to gut the 1201PN to replace the hard drive, unlike my 1000ha, where you take off two screws, then two more for the harddrive

Skull wallpaper for the n900

So I rather liked this wallpaper , Original post here , my post in the

Luckily for me he provided the psd file

So i played around in gimp with it and came up with :D

Click to enlarge <– the split images and the .Skull.desktop for the image set,, toss it in the .images folder on the n900
(fixed the bad naming of the files)

also if you want to play around with it, heres the gimp xcf file (137M compressed, 199M uncompressed)

Nokia N900

UPDATED Jan 15 2010

So I got a nokia n900 the other day, so far i love it, this post is more of a over view and gonna post some screen shots(click to enlarge)



Xchat running on the n900

acid 3

acid 3

Gets 94 on acid three
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