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Android Socks5 proxy

As an update to my last post I was able to get a socks5 proxy going on android(with no root) with ipv6 also working via the proxy

Some reason the screenshot program screws up the colors


That IP is one of my VPS’s and as you can see, ipv6 is working  (i don’t have ipv6 at home either)

How I did it:

Start with irssi connect-bot And save a server, on the main menu area, press and hold the server, and select “Edit Port fowards” and add a new one with info like:

You don’t need the same port, but it does need to be a dynamic socks proxy


Then on firefox go to about:config

Search for “proxy” and make the following changes:

network.proxy.socks = localhost
network.proxy.socks_port = 50505  (or what ever port you used)
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true
network.proxy.type = 1

and boom, it should work :D to revert to no proxy make network.proxy.type = 5

ssh, socks5 proxy, and windows

I have this VPS that has an ipv6 address (yay! I’m so awesome…)
Sadly my ISP does not yet provide ipv6 (evil FiOS, but that’s a rant on it’s own), so while using linux I’m able to do simple socks5 proxy to be able to use the ipv6 awesomness, eg:

$ ssh -D 50502

firefox proxy config

Yay, I’m now browsing the web via the socks5 proxy, and when I go to I get a lovely 10/10 and I see my VPS’s ipv6 address

When I try to do this on putty via windows7 ipv6 does NOT work *sadface*

Windows7, firefox, putty, socks5, no ipv6! :(