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Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity Noise Canceling Headphones

So about two months ago I bought the Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity Noise Canceling Headphones from

Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity

Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity

The head phones are pretty awesome for the most part, the active noise canceling is  amazing.
I tested them while mowing the lawn a few times, and wow I’m able to have music on a reasonable level while the headphones cancel out the majority of the lawn mower noise.

They’re also extremely comfortable, I’m able to have them on for hours at a time with no issues(which is a major plus)

The removable cord is a really great feature

The downsides are:
They seem bass heavy leaving the high frequency to suffer, not that much of an issue though
When the active noise canceling is on I’ll get horrible interference with an active cell phone,
I emailed Able Planet about this issue and got this response:

Good afternoon,
I’m sorry to hear that your being inconvenienced unfortunately, several
electronic devices could cause disruption it’s not a defect it’s just
electronics sending out frequencies.  I’m sorry I can’t be of much help
but there is not a whole lot that can be done.

If anyone knows how to stop or reduce interference with active noise canceling headphones, please leave a comment.

Other then those downsides, I love these headphones and would buy them again.