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Skull wallpaper for the n900

So I rather liked this wallpaper , Original post here , my post in the

Luckily for me he provided the psd file

So i played around in gimp with it and came up with :D

Click to enlarge <– the split images and the .Skull.desktop for the image set,, toss it in the .images folder on the n900
(fixed the bad naming of the files)

also if you want to play around with it, heres the gimp xcf file (137M compressed, 199M uncompressed)

:o I just made something amazing in Gimp O_O

So, I was bored sitting at the computer and decided to fuck around in gimp not expecting to make anything all that good, what I came up with is:

Black Red sun thing by ~pronto185 on deviantART

Here’s how I kinda did it:

1) open gimp and a fresh can of Mt. Dew…mmmmm(or what ever…)
2) Make a black BG with  color brush strokes (i used red,…if you couldn’t tell O_o)



3) Then use the smudge tool thingy and smudge that fucker till no tomorrow(maybe adding more, and larger brush strokes):


something like that or so

3)  Create a new layer >:O  (layer fill type: trans)
4) add a super nova thingy   (Filters> Line and Shadow > Super nova
I used 1024 spokes and red, use what ever you want . i also smudged the BG more to make it a bit darker in places

step three

this ^_^

5) Add a new layer and full with a grain pattern, i used the pattern from here,
set that layer Mode to “Grain merge”


5) Then play with the Filters >Artistic > Cubism :s

cubes :o

6) Then play around with: Filters > Distorts > iwarp
and then maybe do the Cubism again?  play with it till you like ^_^


this :S

7) then do Filters > Noise > Pick   , with Random seed,  randomization at  100% and repeat at 100%



yeah, something like that   ^_^